experience makes us the best

We started with a clear purpose in mind

It all started with an idea, that became a purpose. We could close the camp in personal communications for people. We would serve the interests that people feel the most passionate and create experiences that people would never forget. Our mission became clear and simple after that. We first looked at the "social networks" that existed and came to the clear realization that while people were able to express themselves and link up with others they weren't truly communicating with each other, more like at each other. This is what became the most interesting aspect of everything we saw because it lacked a clear component before it could be truly "social".

After time we were able to see other cracks in the landscape as there were many tools and services on the market but, they were merely a clone of the many others that came before it. The mobile revolution seemed stunted in a way. Not lacking in technology but, in creativity. This is where we knew our company could thrive and where we could make the biggest difference.

Vocal Swarm Media is a las vegas, Nevada based corporation lead by co-founders Emmanuel Lim and Sean Wells. Both bring over 30 years of experience to the table.